I'm ready to start blogging again

As the title says.I'm ready to start blogging again. Still need to get around to doing my blog header oops.

Brief update healthwise. Last time i blogged i was still in hospital. My old hickman line had to come out as it had dislodged and the one my local hospital put in was to short. I also had my peg remove ( feeding tube into stomach) as i know longer used it due to being on tpn and fed into my blood stream.

Unfortunately when the was removed i developed sepsis.Luckily antibiotics were started within an hour so i made a full recovery. I spent a month in hospital before coming home. I am now starting to feel abit better and starting to do things.

I am doing an online courses or courses at the moment so i may overload you with patterns. Also i've been in the garden growing lots of veg.It makes me so happy seeing things grow from seed.

Mia the cat is doing well without molly and let me take a few photo's of her with my new camera.

She's not always this cute.She brought me a bird yesterday.Naughty mia.

Anyway bye for now, i hope to be more consistant in my blogging (and maybe spelling)

Hayley x 


  1. Hi Hayley
    Happy you are a lot better... will be nice to see you blogging again
    On my Christmas card they are all Dies... Sue Wilson Shadow Box .. think a couple of them was from another set...
    Your cat looks so sweet...
    Did your card Arrive... hope so not sure when I sent it
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  2. hi sylvie. Are the dies all in one set. Yes the postcard did.I posted on your blog someone saying thankyou.It was lovely to see where you live.Love recieving cards. its now in my craftroom on my wall x


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