Meet mr giraffe and an update

Evening all,

I have been missing again, sorry. Before i update i will start by showing you something i made.

A giraffe. 

I made him for my new baby cousin and took some photos for my photography course.

Now for an update. Things are hard health wise at the moment. As some of you know I'm tube fed but have been struggling with my feeds. Ive started loosing weight again. I'm waiting on tests on my bowel to see if its slowed down.

I'm terrified of ending up in hospital as it was hell last time. Just got to carry on i suppose.
Also ive recently started to go to physio privately. This is helping but im feeling abit overwelmed. Its very hard when your so exhausted and people say you should do this and that. Or they say your doing so well.' Yeah but i feel like shit'. I expect alot of myself as i feel other people expect alot of me. I then end up burning myself out and feeling such a failure.

Anyway in other news, i have a new car hoorah. It means i can drive my wheelchair into it without transferring. Its a godsend. 

I haven't been able to go in my craftroom lately. Maybe i'm all sewn out. Hopefully be back in there soon.

Thats it for now
Love Hayley x 

Sewing with simplicity

I have recently discovered Simplicity sewing patterns and have fallen in love. They have a wide variety of things to sew from dresses to craft.

The first pattern i started with was the Simplicity pattern 1153os. This one has quite a few things to make in it. I decided on a makeup bag.

This was my first attempt and i am quite pleased. The only downfall was it didn't have a lining which i didn't realise until i had finished it. I then had to take it all apart again.

 This project gave me a good excuse to get my camera out as I'm still doing my photography course with Photocraft which i'm throughly enjoying. 

Have you made anything later or taken any photographs?

Love Hayley

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