Baby lambs and Naughty goats

I've been away from my blog for abit as my health hasn't been to good. My feeding tube has been playing up again so i was in and out of hospital. It's still not right but I'm coping.

As i have alot of hospital appointments, I wanted a treat so i decided to go to a farm. I was like a kid in a sweetshop hehe.

I visited a farm near me called West lodge

I checked before hand that my wheelchair could get round. I could get round the animals but not the park but that's all i really wanted to see. It was such a fun morning seeing all the animals and took my mind of things for a while.

Here are some pictures i took.

A giant rabbit. You would need a big hutch for him

                       Beautiful baby lamb. I had fun feeding and stroking it

Very naughty goat trying to steal my blanket!

                                                             Sheep selfie hehe

                   Have you been anywhere nice lately?

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