Sewing and Photo's

Afternoon everyone,

I have been quite busy lately and exhausted because of it. I went back to hydrotherapy.Then i started back at the gym. I then went to a sewing class (not all in the same day). I now have an infection in my peg(feeding tube). So have some antibiotic cream to kill the little enemies.

Oh oh oh, i have a new camera. I've been wanting an Slr forever but couldn't justify buying it. But i took the plunge or rather my poor bank account did and brought it. I have a confession though. I'm scared of it. Its like an alien with loads of buttons. Looks lovely in the box though ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Anyway here is a new picture from my photography course. Just playing with backdrops still and took this in terrible lighting. I am learning though x

As i am addicted to sewing lately, i decided to stitch a house. First attempt and i forgot to put the ribbon on, oops

Backdrops and Photocraft

Hi all,

Recently i signed up to an online course called Photocraft. Here is the link if you want to check it out

It is aimed at crafters or craft business and teaches you how to take better photographs to style your products. There are 6 modules to work through and it includes so much information about styling your images. I have just finished module one and decided to play around with a couple of backdrops.

Eventually when I've completed more of the course, my photos hopefully will look alot better or more professional.

I made this cushion for a friend and photographed it on a white background.

Next i got abit more adventurous

I then tried a different angle.

I quite like the photos on a textured background and I'm eager to learn more. Watch this space x

Things I love in my home

Happy new year. Sorry It's abit late.

Things are going quite well at the moment, fingers crossed it stays that way.

Anyway, for the blog post i wanted to show you the things i love in my home.

As i love baking, i thought i would show you my kitchen first.

As you can see, i love vintage. These units are original but have been painted to update them. The big unit even has a metal cupboard in it, i think it was used like a fridge.

Next is my other favourite room. My craftroom. 

I spend hours in here. This is a picture of it when it's tidy x

What items do you love in your home x 

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