Learning Calligraphy with ThePostmansKnock

I've been interested in calligraphy for a while but never got round to learning it. So thanks to Lindsey from The PostmansKnock i am now learning. She has some fantastic tutorials which are so easy to understand. I love to learn in pictures and this is exactly what she does. Step by step guides with fab pictures.

Here is my first attempt. I made a tag and a birthday card for my mum. Hope you like them x

I also did an envelope for a friend x 

I have been a lazy blogger

i've wanted to update my blog for ages as i have so many things to show you. However i just didn't know where to start and the longer i left it, the harder it got.

But here. I am and will start with an october update.

Lets talk halloween. I know, i know, it was a while ago now. It was my nephews 4th birthday and he had a halloween party. I have never dressed up for halloween but mum and dad wanted to. So here is me dressed as a midnight fairy/witch.

Next i had my ceiling hoist installed. It has been amazing and has cut down on the amount of carers that i need. Sorry about the bad picture x

Then my physio managed to get hold of a standing frame for me. I didn't think she would as they are quite rare but she was lucky or rather i was. 

It is huge and am waiting for it to be adapted for me, then i can use it.

Thanks for reading. Can't wait to do some craft posts x 

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