Last year i signed up to some skillshare classes. Its where a professional uses there skills and sets you projects to do. My first one is called 'The first steps of hand lettering - concept to sketch'.

We had to come up with a phrase to hand letter. My phrase is ' I make pretty things all day'. Not partically inventive but i like it to start with.

I wanted the main emphasis to focus on the word pretty and this is my initial designs.

The January blues

Yes it's new year and I have the January blues. I'm going through the motions of woe is me. Then. I read this by a fellow person with ehlers danlos syndrome and other complications.

Stripes For Life My Eds Journey
Age really really is only a number
About 9 years ago I met a lovely gentleman at the doctors surgery I remember I was in leaving cert at the time and that was b4 I was doing all self care of illness so was attending gp twice a week . This gent was also .attending for medical
 reasons ,.We have remained firm friends over the years and have gotten closer more so in the past three years myself and my mum often call to him his wife and his daughter who lives next door to them .theres a sparkle In his eyes when he sees me at the door and instant conversation starts even though there is a 50 odd year age gap we are never stuck for a topic of conversation he's the sweetest gentlest man I know .
N today was an extra special treat as his daughter in law was after baking them a Madeira my favourite favourite cake and we all sat in front of the stove eating our slice .
I. May have lost a big number of friends to my illnesses but my gosh I've gained double xxxxxx

This really changed how I felt and I needed to read this to realise that yes life is hard and I have lost a lot since becoming ill. However I have also gained. If I didn't get unwell then I wouldn't have met so many genuine people. People who Really interest me and make to want to carry On and for that I am. Hugely Thank full x

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