Life has been consumed by hospital appointments. I went to see a consultant about my ongoing stomach issues and it appears that due to my conditon, my stomach has slowed down. I am on lots of medication for it and have an endoscopy on tues.Eeek very nervous.

Anyway i thought i would post some pics of my recent wins. They always cheer me up.

Liz Earle cleanse and polish

£20 pizza express gift card

            Sarah Jessica Parker perfume that my mum loves, so I'm saving it for her birthday
                                                               Hand and Body wash

digital camera. It is a pink one.

Rainbow rocks doll

I love all the prizes i win and give them away as presents to family x

I've been feeling creative lately so made this.
It was a kit i brought at the nec. As always i am critical of everything i make and can see lots of mistakes but it was my first try and overall I'm pretty pleased with him.

 I also made this card that was in a magazine. I love the papers x

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