Single and 30

This post is abit random and reflective.

Today I'm going to my brother's wedding, and i have to say as a singleton i don't like it. It makes you think 'oh no I'm 30 in July and still single'

There are advantages to being single:

1. I get to do what i want

2. i get the whole bed to myself

3. I get to eat as much chocolate that i want

4. I get to watch what i want on tv

5. I can stay in my pjs all day without anyone knowing

6. I love my cats and can shut them away when they annoy me. Not sure i could do that with a man.

7. I only have myself to tidy up after

However when people get married, i get abit jealous. I think of it like in the films, romantic and they live happily ever after.

Meeting a man is abit tricky as i only go to the gym, hospital appointments,shopping. Friends come and go as they lead busy lives. So I'm also worried i will end up alone forever and i worry that when my mum dies what will i do.

So I've come to the conclusion that maybe i should hire a man haha. I can't send him back when I've had enough and hire him for family occasions. I won't have to clean up after him and most of all i can choose what he looks like. Sounds like a win win to me. 

Now off i go to be a guest at my brother's wedding. I suppose it doesn't stop me doing some window shopping while I'm there.

bye for now from a lonely singleton x

While reading a few blogs, I came across this video. It really does make you think about how we live our life now. 

Children don't seem to go out to play anymore. When i am at the doctors i see mums with sick children texting on there phone or on facebook.

My nephews seem to be glued to there ipods, playing games.

Do we really need to share with the world what we had for dinner or where we are.

Please watch this, its brilliant x

I've been absent for abit and this is why.

My new craft desk from I wanted to change it as i wasn't managing with my old one. I couldn't  cope with the fact that when i wanted something i had to get everything out. Now if i want a piece of cardboard then i can just open a draw and magic it will be in there. 

The problem now is what project to make first hehe.

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