I haven't told you all about my other hobby yet as i didn't want people to judge me. You see i like to enter competitions. When i get presents through the post it brightens my day and i really enjoy it. 

So here are a few prizes i have won in recent months.

   6 bottles of rapeseed oil

                         Stunning bouquet of flowers from interflora. 
These really cheered me up, as i don't normally buy flowers for myself.

£40 hungry horse voucher. I going to take my parents out for a long overdue meal.

             Pretty things from They all came in lovely packaging as well.

 £100 Abel and Cole vouchers

And my best win last month was £1500 amazon vouchers. I couldn't believe it. I gave £500 to my parents and brought my brother a kindle. I also brought myself a new washing machine. Yes boring things but they were needed.

Look what i've got.

Me standing for the first time in 2 years in my new leg braces. They come all the way from my feet to around my waist and lock at the knees. I will never be able to walk without them but can do a few steps in them.

This is me taking my first steps. Was incredibly hard work and and put me in bed for a week but i loved it. It was so strange being upright as I'm so used to being in a chair now, i feel like a giant.

Guess where I've been. Yep to the nec for the hobby crafts show. My mum dragged me to have a photo with crafty bob. I cropped her out the pic as i don't think she would be to happy with me showing her picture to the world hehe.

All these goodies accidentally fell in my basket and accidentally got brought oops hehe. I really need to start using the stuff i already have first, but i just can't help seeing lovely things and buying them. Think I'm addicted.

Nope i didn't buy these, i won them in a competition. It's a scrapbook set and i looove it. I've been wanting to put my photos on a scrapbook for ages but didn't know how to. Now i can. x

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