My health for the last few months has been up and down. I've been having alot of stomach issues and we (my doc and i) think it's due to my stomach slowing down because of my ehlers danlos syndrome. I'm now on new meds that are supposed to speed it up.

I also went to see a new consultant for my pots (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and he's put me on some medication to try and help. I've been diagnosed for 11 years and quite angry that I've had to struggle all that time and there was a medication that could help. Anyway i went physio today and i managed to stand up- with alot of people as support for about 4 mins. This hasn't been possible before and I'm over the moon.

Another appointment i went to was to see my continence nurse. My bladder doesn't empty properly due to my eds so I'm going to start a new med to try and help. Prob is she tested my urine and found bile in it so that's another doctors appointment i will need.

In the meantime my carer left, i was soooo upset as she often brought her puppy to see me. I have a new one who i tolerate hehe.

Through having a new carer there is one thing i have learnt- while she sits there moaning about how rubbish her life is, i realised that I'm so lucky to be able to appreciate the small things. This

my mum brought me it as a bulb and I've been watching it grow on my bedroom windowsill. Alot of people are to busy to really appreciate the simple things in life.x

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Loves textiles, stitching and anything cute. Daily battle with ehlers danlos syndrome, gastroparesis and tube fed x