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Happy belated new year.

I just thought i would write a post reflecting on all that's happened in the past year, good and here goes.

1. Getting over dads funeral end of 2012

2. moving into my new bungalow end of 2012 and settling in

3. ups and downs and my condition and going into rehab to get back   on track.

4. starting at the gym- this has been a turning point for me and has given me abit of confidence

5. sorting out medication for my bladder as its overactive- makes a huge difference to be on them

6. going on holiday to Cornwall with my parents- gave me a break from appointments and loved it

7. winning a competition that consisted of a new ipad, 2 x laptops, one hoover and a food processor, which was given as a gift card. that was my ultimate ending to the year.

8. i forgot number 8- being measured for my new leg braces that will hopefully help me stand. I haven't been able to stand independently for nearly 2 years, so I'm very very excited.

So that sums up my last year, there were alot of up and downs with my health and i know that this won't go away, however the highlights in between keep me going.

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