I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and Santa brought you lots of goodies. Christmas Eve was abit difficult as it was one year ago that dad died, but I got through it by delivering presents to various family members.

Next week it's back to appointments again. I've been having problems with my stomach, so I can only eat a couple of mouth falls of food at once. My Christmas dinner was tiny and eaten in two stages. Managed some choccie though of course. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound to see what's going on.

Next week I get cast for my new leg braces, I'm super excited as hopefully I will be able to stand for the first time in 19 months.

On another note, I made my first sweet tree, my  parents loved it. 

 I have a new toy, an IPad mini, I may have got abit carried away and downloaded a few apps, my Gav is a photo one, so beware I may fill my blog with lots of pics,here's my first.

It has been a rough couple of weeks and i hope the doctors can sort me out on Monday. Today i managed to go along to the church as its dad's birthday today. He died a year ago on Christmas eve and i just wanted to go to the church as way of thinking about him, if that makes sense.

Ive got a busy week coming up next week which includes
Monday- doctors
Tuesday- gym(if i can make it)
Wednesday- physio and psychologist
Thursday- free hoorah
Friday- gym, then a man coming to service my bed lift ( ooh eeer that does not sound right)

I wanted to show you some cards i made at craft class ages ago, Sorry about the rubbish pics.

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