Can't believe its been almost a month since i updated. It has still been mad with appointments. Ive also been going to the gym twice a week in the hope i can strenghten up my body or rather my upper body to make transfers easier. So i have been very warn out. I think the gym man is finally getting my condition and fatigue hoorah.

Anyway i wanted to show you something. Whats in the box
I signed up for crafty creatives to try one of there boxes . They do monthly boxes and each one has a different theme. You never know what is in the box until it arrives.

so we have fabric ,art prints and tea bag folding squares

instructions and wool to make a needle felted sheep
Domino beads, graphite pencil, polymer clay rose,mini blackboard peg,stabilio sensor pen, notebook and some pins.

overall i think this is great value for money as you get so much in it , plus a project to do every month.

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