My new kitchen is just about finished.

I accidently brought myself a new toy. My shiny new kenwood mixer.oops. I just can't stop stroking it hehe.

My vintage kitchen table x

I caught molly in the act.

I just had to write this post and it had to be done now. You see i was on facebook and like a page called The world from one room. It is about the life of Jessica who lives with severe m.e and has been bed bound for many years.

Shes just achieved a huge accomplishment by sitting upright. This is a massive step and makes me grateful for all the little things that i have.

anyway you can watch her video  here. a world from one room x
Its Christmas. OK not yet but can you tell I'm very excited.

The last few weeks have been manic. I have had appointments everyday and in between my parents have been decorating my bungalow. (thanks mum and dad)

I also haven't been well so the docs have been my second home and another appointment this week, groan.

Anyway i managed to finish my Christmas tags for my nephews and nieces Christmas pressies.

Hope you like them x

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