I warn you in advance, this isn't a very cheerful post. Last night i went to wheelchair basketball. I have been so excited for weeks and then it was finally time to go. I arrived and alreay new a few people and two people had the same conditions as me. I also met a girl there who i was in rehab with. Its a small world.

It was then i realised how different i am. There was only me and this other girl who were fulltime wheelchair users.

I found out that my muscles are crap and im rubbish at throwing a ball. I never was good at ball throwing but hey i thought i would give it a try.

I felt like the runt of the litter, abit like my cat really (sorry molly). At the end of the game i didnt have the strength to transfer back into my chair so i had to have help (how embarassing).

I realised that although i have the same condtions as some others, i am effected differently. they are quite strong whereas i am not. No matter how much exercise i do, i dont get much stronger.

Today i am useless and stuck in bed. I will perservere for the next 7 sessions though and then maybe check myself into rehab haha.

apologies my spell check isn't working x
Honey I'm home. I've just come back from holiday in cornwall. Had a lovely time but i wouldn't say it was the most wheelchair friendly place.

On the first day i fell out of my wheelchair. I usually have the anti tip wheels on the back but i forgot to put them on. I was going up this little slop that looked more like mount everest and tip back and fell flat on my back.

I thought it was hiliarous but the people who came running over to pick me back up didn't think so hehe. Anyway here are a few pics.

This is me on the beast as i called it. My little scooter doesn't cope with off roading very well so i hired this one.

My treasure chest of things i brought on holiday. They are mostly craft items.

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