Here are some cards i made at craft class. I used my new photo tent to take the pics, much better than A4 paper as my backdrop.

Sometimes i don't see the point of making handmade cards for people. We go through alot of effort to decide on what we are going to make, from choosing the design, colours and materials.

Sadly lately when i have given card to someone i get ' Oh thanks' and gets put up on the shelf with all the other shop brought cards.

I'm not saying they should be put else where, OK yes i am, i want my card to be pride of place on your shelf. I want someone to be thrilled with it, like i would be. For them to feel special when someone  has gone through all that effort to make the card personal to you.

I love receiving handmade cards rather than shop brought. They do make me feel special and i hope one day they make you feel special to. x
I have two new toys to play with. But first i wanted to say hello to my new follower Gibmiss.

Ok the first of my new toys is a photo tent. I'm not sure i have set it up right. I didn't realise it was a pop up on, it nearly took my eyes out when i opened it. The tent is going to be used to hopefully i can get better pics of my cards. Sorry about the photo quality, i'm in the middle of decorating. 

My second toy is a small sewing machine from dunelm mill.I'm struggling with my big ones as my arm strength isn't that great. I have already tested it and i love it.

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