Wow i am blogging alot lately. Since coming out of rehab, i couldn't wait to get in my craft room. This is my latest creation for my auntie's wedding. I got the card idea from a craft magazine, but i couldn't resist making a matching box to.

Oh no who messed up my craft space.Wasn't me honest.

However i did make a New Home card for my brother.

Molly says it is to hot outside, so she has taken to my bed.

I've been in rehab for the last month. The same place i went last year. At home it was getting difficult and i lost alot of strength. I'm happy to say that i now have gained my upper body strength back, so i can now transfer again. Sadly my walking or rather standing has not come back.

I'm abit worried about going home, as I'm thinking what do i do now. However the physio and phycologist have already planned that and i already have two appointment for when i get out.

I was bored so took some photos of myself in the mirror hehe.

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