I am slowing climbing back up the mountain after being poorly. Yesterday i went to a specialist about my thyroid nodules. Unfortunately they couldn't do alot as the hospital where i originally had the scan hadn't put the sizes of the nodules on. So now i have to have another scan done and go from there.

I was abit sad as i try not to get my hopes up, but every time i see a new doctor i wonder if this is the one that will give me the magic cure.

I have to realise now that this is my life, probably as well as I'm going to be and make the best of it. I get to enjoy that little things that most busy people don't and i also learn alot along the way.

Now i will show you one of my latest creations.

My camper van picture. I made it for my craft room.
Sorry i haven't blogged for a while. My health took a nose dive. First i got the lurgy, then an ear infection and then found out i have nodules on my thyroid that need to be checked by a specialst. My pjs have become my new clothes lately.

to add some interest to my post, here is a bird house i decorated last year.

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