My mums mother's day present, using the ideas in crafts beautiful magazine.

In december i moved to a much needed bungalow in a lovely village. The reason i wanted to live in a village is because i wanted to get some sort of life, to be part of something. I saw in my local magazine that there was a church event going on. So along  i went and met some wonderful people and had cake. I must say it was yummy!

Through meeting these people, i then got invited to a stitch club which is run by the vicars wife. There was about 6 ladies there and i had a great time. I finally stitched a christmas decoration for my tree. I like to think i am prepared haha.

I realised that although these ladies are alot older than me. I think we can both teach eachother a thing or too.

Looking forward to my nexk meet up x

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