I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and Santa brought you lots of goodies. Christmas Eve was abit difficult as it was one year ago that dad died, but I got through it by delivering presents to various family members.

Next week it's back to appointments again. I've been having problems with my stomach, so I can only eat a couple of mouth falls of food at once. My Christmas dinner was tiny and eaten in two stages. Managed some choccie though of course. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound to see what's going on.

Next week I get cast for my new leg braces, I'm super excited as hopefully I will be able to stand for the first time in 19 months.

On another note, I made my first sweet tree, my  parents loved it. 

 I have a new toy, an IPad mini, I may have got abit carried away and downloaded a few apps, my Gav is a photo one, so beware I may fill my blog with lots of pics,here's my first.

It has been a rough couple of weeks and i hope the doctors can sort me out on Monday. Today i managed to go along to the church as its dad's birthday today. He died a year ago on Christmas eve and i just wanted to go to the church as way of thinking about him, if that makes sense.

Ive got a busy week coming up next week which includes
Monday- doctors
Tuesday- gym(if i can make it)
Wednesday- physio and psychologist
Thursday- free hoorah
Friday- gym, then a man coming to service my bed lift ( ooh eeer that does not sound right)

I wanted to show you some cards i made at craft class ages ago, Sorry about the rubbish pics.

Can't believe its been almost a month since i updated. It has still been mad with appointments. Ive also been going to the gym twice a week in the hope i can strenghten up my body or rather my upper body to make transfers easier. So i have been very warn out. I think the gym man is finally getting my condition and fatigue hoorah.

Anyway i wanted to show you something. Whats in the box
I signed up for crafty creatives to try one of there boxes http://www.craftycreatives.com/ . They do monthly boxes and each one has a different theme. You never know what is in the box until it arrives.

so we have fabric ,art prints and tea bag folding squares

instructions and wool to make a needle felted sheep
Domino beads, graphite pencil, polymer clay rose,mini blackboard peg,stabilio sensor pen, notebook and some pins.

overall i think this is great value for money as you get so much in it , plus a project to do every month.

My new kitchen is just about finished.

I accidently brought myself a new toy. My shiny new kenwood mixer.oops. I just can't stop stroking it hehe.

My vintage kitchen table x

I caught molly in the act.

I just had to write this post and it had to be done now. You see i was on facebook and like a page called The world from one room. It is about the life of Jessica who lives with severe m.e and has been bed bound for many years.

Shes just achieved a huge accomplishment by sitting upright. This is a massive step and makes me grateful for all the little things that i have.

anyway you can watch her video  here. a world from one room x
Its Christmas. OK not yet but can you tell I'm very excited.

The last few weeks have been manic. I have had appointments everyday and in between my parents have been decorating my bungalow. (thanks mum and dad)

I also haven't been well so the docs have been my second home and another appointment this week, groan.

Anyway i managed to finish my Christmas tags for my nephews and nieces Christmas pressies.

Hope you like them x
I warn you in advance, this isn't a very cheerful post. Last night i went to wheelchair basketball. I have been so excited for weeks and then it was finally time to go. I arrived and alreay new a few people and two people had the same conditions as me. I also met a girl there who i was in rehab with. Its a small world.

It was then i realised how different i am. There was only me and this other girl who were fulltime wheelchair users.

I found out that my muscles are crap and im rubbish at throwing a ball. I never was good at ball throwing but hey i thought i would give it a try.

I felt like the runt of the litter, abit like my cat really (sorry molly). At the end of the game i didnt have the strength to transfer back into my chair so i had to have help (how embarassing).

I realised that although i have the same condtions as some others, i am effected differently. they are quite strong whereas i am not. No matter how much exercise i do, i dont get much stronger.

Today i am useless and stuck in bed. I will perservere for the next 7 sessions though and then maybe check myself into rehab haha.

apologies my spell check isn't working x
Honey I'm home. I've just come back from holiday in cornwall. Had a lovely time but i wouldn't say it was the most wheelchair friendly place.

On the first day i fell out of my wheelchair. I usually have the anti tip wheels on the back but i forgot to put them on. I was going up this little slop that looked more like mount everest and tip back and fell flat on my back.

I thought it was hiliarous but the people who came running over to pick me back up didn't think so hehe. Anyway here are a few pics.

This is me on the beast as i called it. My little scooter doesn't cope with off roading very well so i hired this one.

My treasure chest of things i brought on holiday. They are mostly craft items.

Here are some cards i made at craft class. I used my new photo tent to take the pics, much better than A4 paper as my backdrop.

Sometimes i don't see the point of making handmade cards for people. We go through alot of effort to decide on what we are going to make, from choosing the design, colours and materials.

Sadly lately when i have given card to someone i get ' Oh thanks' and gets put up on the shelf with all the other shop brought cards.

I'm not saying they should be put else where, OK yes i am, i want my card to be pride of place on your shelf. I want someone to be thrilled with it, like i would be. For them to feel special when someone  has gone through all that effort to make the card personal to you.

I love receiving handmade cards rather than shop brought. They do make me feel special and i hope one day they make you feel special to. x
I have two new toys to play with. But first i wanted to say hello to my new follower Gibmiss.

Ok the first of my new toys is a photo tent. I'm not sure i have set it up right. I didn't realise it was a pop up on, it nearly took my eyes out when i opened it. The tent is going to be used to hopefully i can get better pics of my cards. Sorry about the photo quality, i'm in the middle of decorating. 

My second toy is a small sewing machine from dunelm mill.I'm struggling with my big ones as my arm strength isn't that great. I have already tested it and i love it.

Wow i am blogging alot lately. Since coming out of rehab, i couldn't wait to get in my craft room. This is my latest creation for my auntie's wedding. I got the card idea from a craft magazine, but i couldn't resist making a matching box to.

Oh no who messed up my craft space.Wasn't me honest.

However i did make a New Home card for my brother.

Molly says it is to hot outside, so she has taken to my bed.

I've been in rehab for the last month. The same place i went last year. At home it was getting difficult and i lost alot of strength. I'm happy to say that i now have gained my upper body strength back, so i can now transfer again. Sadly my walking or rather standing has not come back.

I'm abit worried about going home, as I'm thinking what do i do now. However the physio and phycologist have already planned that and i already have two appointment for when i get out.

I was bored so took some photos of myself in the mirror hehe.

Two new cards i made. I'm going to for simple look. I haven't quite decided if i need to add anything else to them yet.

Just checking in to say sorry i haven't been around much lately. My health has deteriorated again. I thought i was coping but now i have lost my ability to transfer myself from my wheelchair. Luckily i have alot of support from my physio and OT.

My OT came the other day and we are looking into being referred back to wheelchair services. I have a Manuel chair as my hope was that i would be well enough to push it, but it didn't work out. Its good to use when going docs or a small shop as its very light weight.

My physio has referred to me intermediate care team, who are a stop gap between home and hospital. The lady came today and I'm going to be getting home physio in the hope i will be strong enough to go back into rehab for respite. I didn't want to go in again, but I'm now armed with earplugs and will set my own rules haha.

um what else have i been doing. My bungalow is slowly getting decorated and my craft room is being decorated at the weekend, yippee. The i will get a carpet put down.

Unfortunately for my bank account i have been shopping for Craft stuff on line. Naughty naughty but it makes me happy. x
I brought a new stamp to play with and here is the card I made.
The sun is shining and the cats have come out to play (annoy the neighbours)


I am slowing climbing back up the mountain after being poorly. Yesterday i went to a specialist about my thyroid nodules. Unfortunately they couldn't do alot as the hospital where i originally had the scan hadn't put the sizes of the nodules on. So now i have to have another scan done and go from there.

I was abit sad as i try not to get my hopes up, but every time i see a new doctor i wonder if this is the one that will give me the magic cure.

I have to realise now that this is my life, probably as well as I'm going to be and make the best of it. I get to enjoy that little things that most busy people don't and i also learn alot along the way.

Now i will show you one of my latest creations.

My camper van picture. I made it for my craft room.
Sorry i haven't blogged for a while. My health took a nose dive. First i got the lurgy, then an ear infection and then found out i have nodules on my thyroid that need to be checked by a specialst. My pjs have become my new clothes lately.

to add some interest to my post, here is a bird house i decorated last year.

My mums mother's day present, using the ideas in crafts beautiful magazine.

In december i moved to a much needed bungalow in a lovely village. The reason i wanted to live in a village is because i wanted to get some sort of life, to be part of something. I saw in my local magazine that there was a church event going on. So along  i went and met some wonderful people and had cake. I must say it was yummy!

Through meeting these people, i then got invited to a stitch club which is run by the vicars wife. There was about 6 ladies there and i had a great time. I finally stitched a christmas decoration for my tree. I like to think i am prepared haha.

I realised that although these ladies are alot older than me. I think we can both teach eachother a thing or too.

Looking forward to my nexk meet up x
I like all things craft. Sadly i haven't been able to make anything lately, but here are a few pics from last year. Hope you like them. 

             My very first book mark i made for my mums birthday last year.
           Christmas card I made a craft class last year.
Welcome to my blog.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Hayley from Northants. I graduated with a degree in surface design in 2010, but sadly got to unwell to pursue what i wanted to do.

I have various health problems including Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which has led to me being a full time wheelchair user. Most of the time I can be found under my duvet most of the time asleep.
My blog  will  be about my life and my loves and yes it is a new beginning for me.

Last year was extremely difficult. My dad died on Christmas eve after a short battle with a brain tumour. We didn't have the easiest of relationships. but i do miss him.

I also moved house a day before dad died. I now live in a lovely little bungalow that i can manage from my wheelchair.

Now its time to start living again x


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About Me

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Loves textiles, stitching and anything cute. Daily battle with ehlers danlos syndrome, gastroparesis and tube fed x